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Holy Week in Assisi

From Holy Thursday to Holy Sunday. every day a religious ritual.

Holy Week in Assisi
28 Mar 2024 - 31 Mar 2024 Umbria -Assisi  Folklore-Traditions | Religious celebrations

March 28th to 31st, 2024, the Holy Week in Assisi is dedicated to Easter rituals from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday.

On Holy Thursday in the St. Ruffino Cathedral the “Crucifix Deposition” is celebrated, also known as“Scavigliazione”, the traditional moment inspired to an ancient lauda (important holy song in vernacular language) about the Passion, defined for this reason as “Lauda of the Scavigliazione“.

On Good Friday morning the Dead Christ is transferred from St. Ruffino Cathedral (the place of the Patron of Assisi) to St. Francesco papal Cathedral, and in the afternoon the “Three hours of Agony” is celebrated.
In the evening, Assisi is illuminated by the torchlights of the Brotherhoods’ Procession in which all of the brotherhoods that across the city participate starting from St. Francesco Church to bring back in the cathedral the Dead Christ.

On Easter Sunday, the day of Christ Resurrection, the inhabitants of Umbria eat the traditional Easter breakfast: with the capocollo, boiled egges, torcolo, chocolate, Easter cheese cake and the dessert.

But which are the other typical products that you can eat in Umbria?

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