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Orvieto Historical parades – Orvieto

June 17th and 19th, 2022. Historical re-enactment with 500 re-enactors in costume

Orvieto Historical Parades - Umbria - Italy
17 Jun 2022 - 19 Jun 2022 Umbria -Orvieto (Terni)  Children | Folklore-Traditions | Historical reenactments

On June 17th and 19th, 2022, two historical parades take place in Orvieto to celebrate Corpus Domini.

The Ladies Parade on June 17th opens the celebrations for Corpus Domini and remembers the moment when the noble families and ladies arrived in the city participating in religious and recreational events organized for them by the Podestà.
The procession is made up of about a hundred ladies parading until the Cathedral of Orvieto accompanied by flag-wavers, jugglers and musicians. It ends with a show and fireworks.

On June 19th, over 500 reenactors disguised in medieval costumes adorned with gold and silver embroidery, leather shoes, and brightly coloured banners parade through the streets and squares of the historic center of Orvieto until Piazza del Duomo.

This procession is made up entirely of male characters because, when the event was set up, only the city authorities could participate and, in the Middle Ages, these roles could only be filled by men.

The 500 reenactors of Orvieto Historical Parades are divided into groups according to their hierarchical classes:
– the podestà with the knights,
– the standard-bearers and the militias,
the noble families of the neighboring lands with their banners,
and the 4 districts of Orvieto with their representatives and their insignia (Olmo, Serancia, Corsica and Santa Maria della Stella),
but also the Mayor, chancellors, trumpeters, flag-wavers, footmen, drums..

The historical processions date back to 1339, when for the first time the Reliquary of Holy Corporal of Bolsena was carried in procession. Since 1951, Orvieto Historical Parade has joined the religious procession for the feast of Corpus Domini, while the Ladies Parade has only become an integral part of the historical tradition since 1993.

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