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Umbria – Food

Umbria’s cuisine is based on meat and agricultural products, enhancing the flavours of raw materials.

Very much appreciated is the processing of pig meat and cured-meat, especially in the Norcia area: the terms “norcino” (the meat producer and seller) and “norcineria” (the retail) originated from this area.

Truffles and extra-virgin olive oil are very appreciated typical products too.

Strangozzi is a typical pasta, very much alike tagliatelle, but made without eggs. They may be served with ragù or truffle. Their flavour is hearty and traditional.

Salami, Norcia’s prosciutto and wild boar sausage are the most popular cured meats of Umbria, while the most famous cheeses are pecorino umbro and fresh ricotta.
Famous desserts are: rocciata, similar to strudel, and pampepato, a cake made of cocoa, hazelnuts and black pepper.


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