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Rice Fair – Isola della Scala

Between September and October. The event dedicated to rice and its tasty recipes

Rice Fair - Isola della Scala Veneto Italy
September - October Veneto -Isola della Scala (Verona)  Children | Feasts-Flea markets | Festival-Fairs | Food-Wine


Every year, millions of visitors arrive in Isola della Scala, 20 km away from Verona, to take part in Rice Fair, the biggest event dedicated to rice and risotto in Italy,

Usually the event lasts almost a month, from September to October, in which chefs from all over Italy and “Maestri Risottari” (Risotto Masters) cook traditional risotto recipes for the visitors.
A kilometer with more than 150 exhibitors, historical parades with customs, meetings, sport activities, cabaret shows, concerts and a market for kids.

The Rice Fair has been first organized in 1966 inspired by the farmer tradition to celebrate the end of the yearly harvest called Garzega.
In 1967 Knight Pietro Secchiati created the recipe of the Risotto all’ isolana, which became the excellent traditional recipe of the territory.
During the event food and wine stands offer local specialities and especially the typical Isolana Rice.

(photo taken from the website of the event)

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