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Carnevale dei Ragazzi – Youngsters Carnival – Sant’Eraclio, Foligno

February 2022. Jugglers, acrobats and fire breathers.

Boys Carnival - Foligno, Umbria
February Umbria -Sant'Eraclio (PG)  Children | Festival

Carnevale dei Ragazzi, the Youngsters Carnival, was founded in 1960. It takes place in Sant’Eraclio, a small district of Foligno, on Sundays of February 2022.

Papier-mâché floats parade in the streets of Sant’Eraclio, followed by masked bands.
Jugglers, giant marionettes, acrobats and fire breathers are one of the attractions of this Carnival designed for the kids.

(photos: Boys Carnival official website)

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