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Arrancabirra – Courmayeur

8 October 2022. A goliardic costume race even with dogs. Beer and fun.

Valle d'Aosta - Arrancabirra 2022
08 Oct 2022 Valle D'Aosta -Courmayeur (Aosta)  Hobby | Sport

On Saturday October 8th 2022, Arrancabirra, the goliardic race that takes place every year in Courmayeur, at the foot of the southern side of Mont Blanc, returns in 2022 for its 15th edition.

What’s peculiar about the race is that participants run in themed clothing. Each year the theme is different. In 2019 the theme was ArrancaWoodstock.
In 2022 the theme is Jurassic Beer – the Arrancasaurs

The panoramic route starts from the town center (Piazza Brocherel) at 10 am, and continues along the wide ridge that separates Val Ferret from Val Sapin, giving runners an extraordinary view of the Mont Blanc Massif.

The trail has a difference in altitude of 1,400 meters (over 4593 ft),
In good weather the race is 18 km long and reaches Rifugio Bertone (2,000 m/6562 ft above sea level!).
In case of adverse weather conditions, however, the race is only 13 km long, and it reaches the La Suche (1810 m/5939 ft) and Tirecorne (1950 m/6398 ft) lodges instead.

The distinctive trait of Arrancabirra, as its name (birra = beer) suggests, is that runners can drink beer cans (1 per refreshment station) that entitle them to time bonuses. Winners usually drink 6!

On the route there are 4 or 6 “refueling” stations where participants can pick up their beer cans. Gluten-free beer is available on request.

Participants can also run with their dogs.

Prizes, awarded at Bollino Park in Courmayeur from 4:30 pm, will go to:
– the three best placed men and women;
– the winner of the race with dogs;
– the best and funniest themed costume.

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(photo: poster of 2022 edition)

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