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Cinecittà “show off” project

Cinecittà shows off is a project started in 2011 that gave the opportunity to open up the Fabbrica dei Sogni to the public and to visit three evocative exhibition itineraries.

The history and appeal of Cinecittà make every visit special. The tour allows the visitors to explore the exhibition halls and the permanents sets. In addition to 20 film studios – the flagship of the Cinecittà complex – it is also possible to visit the big permanent sets built by the Cinecittà construction department, world famous for its technical and artistic skills.

The three exhibition itineraries tell the history of cinema from 1935 to 1990, explaining the stages of filmmaking as well:

1 – Why Cinecittà – the history of Cinecittà from 1936 to 1945
2 – Shooting in Cinecittà – the most important film productions from 1937 to 1989
3 – Backstage – a didactic path in Cinecittà

Permanent sets:

– Rome, the ancient Rome made for the TV show “Rome”
– 15th-century Florence, rebuilt for the movie “Amici miei – Come tutto ebbe inizio” by Neri Parenti
– The Temple of Jerusalem, created for the movie “Christ the Lord”, coming out in 2016

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