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Lombardia Food

Lombardia – Food

Among the specialties and typical dishes of Lombardy the most famous is undoubtedly yellow rice with saffron, also known as “risotto alla milanese” (Milanese risotto).

Equally famous Lombard dishes are: the osso buco (sliced veal shank), cotoletta (breaded cutlet), cassoeula (a stew made from cabbage and pork), cheese Gorgonzola; pumpkin ravioli (from Mantua and Cremona); fruit-mustard, made with fruit and mustard (Cremona), the polenta (corn flour and water), cooked in many different ways (Bergamo, Brescia and alpine zones); salami of Varzi (Pavia); bresaola (Valtellina and other alpine areas), the misultin, salted and dried lake fish (Lake Como); pizzoccheri, a typical kind of pasta from Valtellina, topped with vegetables and cheese; the tortionata, crumbly cake with almonds (Lodi), nougat (Cremona) and the famous panettone, the dessert from Milan that became the symbol of the Italian Christmas.

There are three main wine regions in Lombardy: Franciacorta (close to Brescia), the area of Lake Garda and the Oltrepo Pavese. These three areas, plus Valtellina, cover almost the entire Lombard wine production.

Fun fact: Scanzo Muscat is the smallest DOCG wine (controlled designation of origin) in Italy: it is produced only in the area around Scanzorosciate (Bergamo) by 39 manufacturers on 31 hectares of vineyard. A true rarity.



DOCG and DOC wines

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Slow food presidia Lombardia
Presidia and ARK OF TASTE products
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DOP and IGP products Lombardia
DOP and IGP products in Lombardia

Cheese and dairy products are the best DOP products
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