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La Lachera – Rocca Grimalda

An ancient Carnival and a wedding procession

La Lachera - Rocca Grimalda
February Piemonte -Rocca Grimalda (Alessandria)  Carnival | Children | Folklore-Traditions

In February, the ancient Carnival La Lachera takes place in Rocca Grimalda, in the province of Alessandria.

The event has a two-day program and the protagonist of the Carnival is the staging of a wedding procession parading along the village streets.

Saturday is the day of begging. In the afternoon, the Lachera visits some farms in the area performing propitiatory dances and receiving offers of wine and food. Meanwhile, the children are begging in the village. In the evening, dances around the fire.

On Sunday afternoon the wedding procession starts and it is animated by some characters that have remained unchanged over time:
– the Lachè (servants), that gave the name to the Carnival
Trapulins, a sort of harlequins making noise with whips
Zouaves, armed with swords, accompanied by Ballerinas
– the Warrior, dressed in black and armed with a sword.
– an ambiguous Baby dressed in red-violet with goat’s ears and horns, parody and comic version of the devil.
Mulattieri and Campagnole (mule’s owners and peasant women)
– the Spouses

During the year the Lachera costumes are kept in the Rocca Grimalda Mask Museum, which can be visited by reservation.

In the past, the Lachera was also invited abroad, but seeing the Lachera in the village is a completely original experience.

Reported by Giorgio Perfumo
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