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Giostra della Quintana. The Challenge – Foligno

29 August 2020. Medieval tournament between the city’s ten districts.

Giostra della Quintana – The Challenge
29 Aug 2020 Umbria -Foligno (PG)  Folklore | Historical reenactments

Giostra della Quintana is a medieval tournament between the 10 districts of Foligno. It takes place twice a year: the Sfida (“challenge”) in June, and the Rivincita (“rematch”) in September introduced, the first Saturday of September, by the Baroque White NIght.

This year, the Challenge event takes place on Saturday, August 29th, 2020.
But for two weeks before the Giostra, the taverns of the 10 districts will stay open till the small hours. It will be possible to taste many traditional recipes of the 17th Century cuisine, prepared with products grown in the Foligno area.

On Friday a wonderful Historical Parade featuring 800 extras wearing baroque costumes is animating the streets of Foligno.

Umbria - Quintana - Tenzone

The goal of Saturday‘s competition is to ride around the track of the ancient Foligno stadium (Campo de li Giochi) as quickly as possible, trying to insert the lance into a ring hanging from a statue of Mars (the so-called “quintanone”) without getting any penalties. The ring becomes smaller every time: 8 cm, 6 cm and 5 cm.

The first record of Quintana dates back to 1448.
The modern version of Quintana is dated 1946.

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