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Saffron Market Fair

October 30th-November 1st – Three days dedicated to the precious spice

Saffron Market Fair Italy
30 Oct 2021 - 01 Nov 2021 Umbria -Cascia (Perugia)  Feasts-Flea markets | Food-Wine

From October 30th to November 1st, 2021, the Saffron Market Fair in Cascia, in the Province of Perugia, takes place in the streets and small shops of Cascia, where visitors can buy special products made with saffron.

On the occasion, restaurants’ menus include traditional dishes and reinterpreted recipes while shops sell saffron biscuits, ice creams, yogurts, and much more.

The fair takes place after the picking of the precious crimson stigmas of the saffron crocus. The yellow-red color comes from the natural color of the stigma and from the subsequent toasting.

The price is determined not only by the preciousness of the raw material but also by the quantity of work necessary to obtain the final product.
To produce 1 gram of saffron, the stigmas of about 200 flowers are needed!

The flowers are picked by hand in the early hours of the morning when the corollas are still closed and it is less likely to ruin the most delicate and precious part of the flower: stigmas and pistils.
After having removed the petals and the external part, there is the toasting process (about 20 minutes) until stigmas can be pulverized.

Saffron has always been an extremely precious product.
In the past, it was also included in the dowry of a girl.

In 2021 the fair reached its 20th edition

2021 ALERT – We kindly suggest checking the website or the Facebook page for any possible change of program

Visitors who come to Cascia could also visit Saint Rita of Cascia sanctuary. The Saint is often referred to as the “Patroness of Impossible Causes”. Inside the church, the body of Saint Rita is on display in a glass tomb.

(photo: website of the event)

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