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Friuli Venezia Giulia – Events

Friuli Venezia Giulia is a very peculiar region in the Italian landscape, deeply influenced by influenced by Central European culture which has also influenced the content of some historical events and reenactments.
In Cormons where every year, at the end of August, a Historical reenactment and a medieval tournament are organized in memory of Maximilian I of Habsburg.

The unusual Carnival in Val Resia is still considered an important event by young and old people. The Carnival is characterised by dances and music played with traditional Resian instruments: the cïtira (violin) and the bünkula (cello). The celebrations last for hours and take place in bars and on the streets.
There are two traditional masks: the lipe bile maškire, the beautiful white masks, and the babaci, the ‘ugly’ masks.
On Ash Wednesday the burning of the Babaz, the icon mask of the feast, marks the end of the Carnival.

The Perdòn de Barbana in Grado has an ancient origin. Since 1237 the statue of Madonna degli Angeli has been accompanied by a procession of boats to the island of Barbana. The feast has been first celebrated to thank the Madonna who would have warded off a plague epidemic to the city.

Very important events dedicated to cinema such as the Silent Film Festival in Pordenone, one of the most important world cinema events dedicated to silent films and the Iberian-Latin American Film Festival in Trieste, the only one of its kind in Italy.

In autumn there are some interesting events dedicated to traditional food such as the Pan-Zal Festival in Rosa (Pordenone), Gemona, Cheese… and Surroundings, the exhibition-market of traditional Gemonese dairy products and Trìfule in Fieste Truffle Fair in Muzzana del Turgnano, the fair of the Friulian white truffle.

But Friuli Venezia Giulia also attracts passionate bikers from all over the world for the Biker Fest International, in Lignano Sabbiadoro: four days of competitions, exhibitions, shows.
For sports lovers, Sacile hosts the Summer Xtreme Days Festival, the largest freestyle and extreme sports festival in Italy.

And in Trieste takes place every year the largest sailing regatta in the world, with thousands of boats, from racing boats to those of simple sailing enthusiasts. the Barcolana.

Among the attractions of Friuli, in Bordano, in the province of Udine, it is possible to visit the largest Butterfly House in Italy from March to early October.

Welcome to the Central European region of Italy, known for the city of Trieste, the Carnia area, the Dolomites mountains. The region of jota soup, Refosco wine and much more…