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Procession of Saint Rocco in September – Tolve

16 September a further celebration of Saint Rocco, patron saint of Tolve

Basilicata-San Rocco Settembre
16 Sep 2024 Basilicata -Tolve (Potenza)  Folklore-Traditions | Religious celebrations

On September 16 takes place a further Procession of Saint Rocco, patron saint of Tolve, a hill town in Basilicata, only 30 km away from Potenza.

The event has the same schedule as in August, with the procession beginning at noon along the illuminated streets of the city.
The reason why it is celebrated twice a year is that, since peasants work in the fields in August, they still have the chance to participate and honour the saint in September.

After the holy masses, at noon, the procession is opened by the Master of ceremonies followed by standards, processional crosses and the clergymen. The statue of Saint Rocco is carried over the shoulders of the Brothers of Purgatory who wear a red cape and a white tunic.

For the occasion, the statue is covered by a mantle of gold realized with the votive offerings. The procession continues through a crowd of barefoot pilgrims following Saint Rocco and singing the traditional song “The storij ‘Sand’Rocc’”. At the end of the procession, the statue is brought back to the shrine.

For Information: Municipality of Tolve Tel. +39 0971.737.002
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