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Chestnut Festival in Soriano

In Autumn, the festival celebrating chestnuts and the history of Soriano

Chestnut Festival in Soriano - Lazio Italy
29 Sep 2017 - 08 Oct 2017 Lazio -Soriano nel Cimino (Viterbo)  Folklore | Food/Wine

The Chestnut Festival, is a historical reenactment taking place in Soriano nel Cimino, in the Province of Viterbo, on the first and second weekends of October.
The origin of the festival dates back to the 15th Century, when the City Council established the first celebration in honor of the local specialty: chestnuts.

The modern version of the festival took place for the first time in 1968 and it consists of two main sections: the historical reenactment and the celebrations in honor of the chestnut, the fruit that has nourished entire rural communities for centuries.
This year it is held from Friday September 29th to Sunday October 1st and from Friday October 6 to Sunday October 8th.

During these days Soriano wrapped in a very suggestive atmosphere: the decoration are very rich which gives life to commemorative scenes between facts that really happened and magical ones.

The program of the chestnut festival is filled with interesting events:
– Food and wine tasting at Taverne dei quattro Rioni
– Convivium Secretum ( 9th edition): a historical cooking contest between the four districts of the town, preparing Medieval and Renaissance recipes
– Ring Jousting
– Archery Tournament
– Popular traditional games
– The historical reenactment recreating the main historical events of Soriano from 1200 to 1489
– The sumptuous historical parade featuring more than 700 actors dressed up with Medieval costumes.

(photos: website of the event)