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Lazio – Events

The events in Lazio are representative of the many topics and traditions of this region.
It is the region of Rome, capital of Italy rich in a thousand-year history, of the Vatican and of the Pope. With Cinecittà “it has represented the” capital “of Italian cinema and the homeland of the” Dolce Vita “.

The most famous religious event in Lazio is the Sunday Angelus in Piazza San Pietro (St. Peter’s Square) when the Pope appears at the window and blesses the crowd of the faithful.
At the beginning of September it takes place in Viterbo the huge celebration of “la Macchina di Santa Rosa“, which has also been included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

There are also Carnival events such as the Frosinone Carnival, Pontecorvo Carnival and the Tiburtino Carnival in Tivoli.
In mid and late June and in July, are held the three events that make up the Historic Carousel of the Districts of Cori, a municipality in the province of Latina.

And traditional races that are run in Lazio such as the famous Palio della Tonna in Civita and the Borgia Palio in Nepi.
Really funny was the Palio dei Somari (Donkey Race) which was held in Somarodrome of Amatrice (now a village destroyed by the earthquake of August 2016),

Lazio hosts many food festivals and fairs such as the Traditional Rome Artichoke Festival in Ladispoli in April, the Sheep Fair in July in the province of Viterbo, while in Camerata Nuova (Rome) to commemorate the fire that destroyed Camerata Vecchia, over 150 years ago, takes place a cheerful Meat chop Festival.

Very famous and fun event in July in Viterbo is Ludika 1243, a playful historical reenactment with many cultural and recreational activities for children and adults.

In Rome it is possible to visit magical places and multimedia experiences where to discover the history of the ancient Romans such as the Circo Maximo Experience.

Welcome to the region with Rome and where the Pope lives. The region with the dome by Michelangelo, fountains by Bernini and where you can eat abbacchio lamb and pasta all’amatriciana…