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Historical Carousel – The Priors’ Oath – Cori

Saturday June 22nd, 2024. Opening event of the Cori historical carousels

22 Jun 2024 Lazio -Cori (Latina)  Children | Folklore-Traditions | Historical reenactments

On Saturday, June 22nd, 2024 takes place Priors’ Oath (Giuramento dei Priori), the opening event of the Historical Carousel of the Cori Districts, which involves the districts of this small town in the Province of Latina.

The carousel consists of 3 events held between June and July. The three events reenact the celebrations that were held in honor of Virgin Mary and of Sainte Oliva, the patron saint of Cori:
– Saturday June 22nd: Priors’ oath and blessing of the Palii (flags);
– Sunday June 30th: Madonna of the Rescue’s Palio;
– Saturday July 27th: Saint Oliva’s Palio.

The ceremony of the Priors’ Oath is celebrated one week before the first Palio, with performers in traditional clothing and the town authorities.
The Oath begins with the election of the priors, who administrate the three towns “Gates” (districts). Every gate has a distinguishing color:
– Signina Gate: “Excelsior”‘s colors are yellow and green, and their symbol is a mountain;
– Roman Gate: “Per aspera ad astra”, yellow and light blue, has a bow and arrow on its crest;
– Ninfina Gate: “Viribus unitis”, red and blue, is represented by a castle with a bridge.

At 9,30 pm, the three representatives reach Piazza Sant’Oliva followed by flag wavers, trumpets and drum rolls, and are appointed. After the blessing of the two Palii, the investiture of the Knights of the three Gates, that will compete for the first palio in honor of the Madonna of the Rescue.

The Palio race consists of a so-called ring race (corsa dell’anello), an exciting and spectacular competition. Knights on horseback have to insert their daggers into 3 cm diameter rings. The Palio is won by the district that inserted most of the rings.

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Photo by Vincenzo Pacifici

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