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Tenco Award in Sanremo

November 2020 the prize in honor of musician Luigi Tenco

Tenco Award in Sanremo - Italy
November Liguria -Sanremo (Imperia)  Festival | Music/Theatre

Tenco Prize, in November 2020 at Ariston Theater in Sanremo, is one of the most important events in Italy to support and promote Italian and international songwriters.

Since 1974, distinguished singer-songwriters are rewarded with the Tenco prize as a recognition of their significant role in the music scene.
As every year, the awards ceremony of this 43rd edition of Premio Tenco will take place in Sanremo during Rassegna della Canzone d’Autore.

The event is organized by Club Tenco, founded in Sanremo in 1972 in honor of Italian musician Luigi Tenco, who committed suicide during the Sanremo Music Festival in 1967.

(photo taken from the website of the event)

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