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Pan-Zal (Yellow Bread) Festival – Rosa

On 18-28 October, the festival dedicated to the traditional baked good.

Pan-Zal Yellow Bread Festival in Friuli
18 Oct 2018 - 28 Oct 2018 Friuli-Venezia Giulia -Rosa (Pordenone)  Festival | Food/Wine

The Pan-Zal (yellow bread) Festival takes place from October 18 to October 28, 2018, right when the saint Patron of Rosa (San Vito al Tagliamento) is celebrated (October 18th).

The “Pan-Zal” is a small sweet pumpkin focaccia, traditionally prepared in October by the people of Rosa.
The Festival takes place in a 2,000sqm heated paved pavilion, where different stands, a stage for the orchestra, and a dance floor are set.

The rich program makes the Festival a widely popular and cheerful 10-day event.
Here are some of the events included: fish-based dinners, Briscola tournaments, an evening dedicated to Liscio music and dance, a mountain bike ride and a 7 and 12km march (both open to everyone), a “pastasciuttata” (eating all kinds of pasta), vintage cars and motorcycles exhibitions, choir performances, dancing every evening. And, obviously, the traditional pan-zal, served on ceramic plates with metal cutlery.

Pan-Zal – Yellow bread recipe:

Mix boiled pumpkin pulp with corn and rye flour, dried figs and a drop of grappa. Right before cooking, add yeast and fennel seeds to the dough.

Using a bowl, take the amount of dough necessary to make a small loaf of bread, which can be molded or wrapped in a savoy cabbage leaf. Cook it in the fireplace.

(photos: event’s official website)

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