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Naviglio Martesana – from Milano to Trezzo sull’Adda

36 kilometers of an easy cycle-pedestrian path. Starting from the city

Naviglio Martesana - Lombardy - Italy
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 Naviglio Martesana - Lombardy - ItalyNaviglio Martesana (or Naviglio Piccolo) is a 36-kilometer canal that includes an easy and safe cycle path and a protected pedestrian street.

Martesana Canal runs from Milan to Trezzo sull’Adda and is part of the Milan canal system connecting the Adda river (Lake Como) with the city.
Thus from Trezzo it is possible to go on until Lecco.

The canal was commissioned by Ludovico Sforza for irrigation, for running the mills along the route, and for the transportation of goods.
Naviglio Martesana was inaugurated in 1496 and it seems that Leonardo da Vinci participated in some design improvements.

The cycle-pedestrian path runs alongside the Canal where passers-by can enjoy a quiet rural atmosphere.
The route is within everyone’s reach and offers an exciting experience also because it starts practically from Milan city center

When the Canal is not dry for maintenance (better to ask), the canal can also be traveled by boat with 45-minute navigation accompanied by the guide of Pro Loco of Vaprio d’Adda.

The suggestive route crosses the Adda Nord Park, touches Crespi Village, a Unesco World Heritage Site, and allows visitors to see closely many classic villas and
Villa Melzi d’Eril with its garden terraces.
House of the Waterkeeper (Casa del Custode delle Acque), a customs house where merchants stopped to pay the duty, and where the ‘camparo’ had the responsibility to take care of the water network connecting Adda river with the Canal.
Today it houses Leonardo interactive Museum curated by Adda Nord Park.

For information and reservations
Pro Loco Vaprio: Call Ms. Anna Maria at mobile +39 333 130 8197 or send an email

Visit also Pro Loco Vaprio d’Adda Facebook page

(Photo: Wikipedia
Cover, villa Melzi and house of the water keeper by MarkusMark – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0, )

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