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The Carnival of Matoci – Valfloriana (Trento)


February Trentino-Alto Adige -Valfloriana (Trento)  Carnival | Children | Folklore-Traditions


The Carnival of Matoci, also known as the Traditional Carnival in Valfloriana, is famous in all of the area for being one of the few old carnivals survived in the Alps. Masquerades, dances, sweets and mulled wine. In the province of Trento

The Carnival of Matoci is celebrated in Valfloriana, a small town in the province of Trento, and it’s inspired by the old custom of a wedding march which was passing through the different villages of the area, involving the local population.
During the carnival, the parade of “Matoci” is composed, and all participants wear wooden masks, ostentatious customs and they wander in each village and end up in the principal square of Casatta.

The path is particular because it’s composed of a series of obstacles located by the inhabitants of the different villages. And during the path you can also see the practice of the Contrest, the exchange of jokes between the Matoci and the audience.
When they arrive in Casatta the “Matoci” are welcomed by the masks, called Paiaci, guided by the Arlecchini (Harlequin), who start dancing along the sound of the accordions.
So the celebration begins with dances, jokes, sweets and mulled wine where everyone participate.

Beyond the Matoci, Paiaci and Arlecchini  the other main characters of the Carnival are the Sonatori, Belà, and the Sposi (Spouses).

The Carnival of Matoci event ends with a masquerade ball.

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photo: website, photos by Alberto Campanile

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