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The Mysteries’ Museum – Campobasso

The museum that collects the costumes and proof of the Mysteries’ Feast in Campobasso

The Mysteries Museum - Campobasso Molise Italy
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The Mysteries' Museum - Campobasso Molise ItalyThe Mysteries Museum in Campobasso is the museum that collects the costumes of the Mysteries Feast in Campobasso that is celebrated every year in the day of Corpus Domini. The museum is managed by Associazione misteri e tradizioni.

The Mysteries Museum, inaugurated in October 7th 2006, includes two exhibition rooms and a projection room.
In the Entrance Room some antique costumes, a photo collection of the past events and catalogues with all of the names of the figures of the last 40 years.

The main room is Sala degli Ingegni  (creativities room) that conserves the 13 structures, called “macchine” (machines) and designed in the mid 1700 by Paolo Saverio di Zinno to walk during the procession between two rows of crowd.

Finally in the Projection Room you can see video clips of the past Mysteries Processions shot by the years: 1929, 1948, 1958, 1999 e 2006.

Psotos: from the official facebook page of Mysteries’ Museum

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