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Food Valley Bike Cycle Path – from Parma to Busseto

70 km of taste and culture in the homeland of Giuseppe Verdi and Parmigiano cheese

Food Valley Bike Cycle Path - Emilia Romagna - Italy
All year long Emilia-Romagna -Parma and Busseto (Parma)  Nature-Excursions | Sport

The Food Valley Bike cycle path is a 70 km route in the heart of Emilia Romagna from Parma to Busseto to discover the places of taste and culture, through the lands of Giuseppe Verdi and the places of origin of symbolic Italian food products, such as Culatello ham, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Parma Ham.

The route from Parma to Busseto is one of the eight stages that can be traveled with any type of bike, immersed in the culture and landscapes of Parma, the “lower” plain, where the famous films by Don Camillo and Peppone are set.

It is an easy ride that can also be traveled during the day, but only if visitors give up lingering on visits and tastings. It winds through villages and towns that have become the symbol of Italian cuisine, good living and hospitality and touches the places where Giuseppe Verdi grew up.

The itinerary starts from Parma, the center of the Food Valley, the Italian Capital of Culture 2020-21 and queen of Italian cuisine. From the city, well indicated by the new signage, is the first stage of the cycle path following the Reggio side of the Enza river towards Mezzani.

The journey then continues west, through the Parma countryside, up to Colorno, dominated by the majestic Royal Palace known as the small Versailles della Bassa.
The route then goes on west towards Zibello (home of culatello) passing through Roccabianca.
Finally, the Food Valley Cycle Path deviates slightly to south and reaches Busseto, the final destination of the cycle route, imbued with Verdi’s most famous operas.

Photo from the Facebook page of the cycle path

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