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Guardiaregia-Campochiaro WWF Nature Reserve

One of the largest and wildest WWF nature reserves in Italy

Guardiaregia-Campochiaro WWF Nature Reserve
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Guardiaregia-Campochiaro WWF Nature Reserve is located in Molise and covers an area of 3135 hectares.
The park includes spectacular karst phenomenon such as Quirino stream Canyon, San Nicola Fall (100 metres high) and the caves of Pozzo della Neve (depth -1048 m.) and of Cul di Bove (depth -913 metres) are among the deepest abysses in Europe.

In Spring, many beautiful species of flowers can be seen in the meadows of Mount Mutria: Crocus, Carnation, Alpine snowbell, Androsace villosa and Primula auricula.
In other areas of the reserve it is possible to see other wonderful flowers such as Solomon’s seal, Orange lily, European columbine, Blue anemone, Hepatica nobilis, Belladonna and other 38 types of orchids.

Wolves are mostly seen along the tracks of Mount Mutria. It is also possible to observe wildcats, squirrels, badgers, boars and roe deers.
Amphibians include the spectacled salamander (symbol of the nature reserve), the fire salamander and the yellow-bellied toad.
Among birds the most noteworthy species are: the golden eagle, the lanner falcon in Quirino Canyons, the peregrine falcon, the European honey buzzard, the red kite and the common buzzard.
Along the sides of Mount Mutria it is possible to see the lpine chough, the raven, the great spotted woodpecker, the European green woodpecker and the Eurasian nuthatch.
About 340 species of butterflies have been observed in the park.

Guardiaregia-Campochiaro Nature Reserve can be visited every day except: Mondays, December 25th, January 1st, Easter, Easter Monday, August 15th.

The guided tour takes place in San Nicola track and lasts about an hour and a half.
During the tour, visitors can see spectacular Quirino Canyons and San Nicola Falls.
For guided tours, group visits and school trips it is necessary to book the visit in advance.
It is also possible to take part in several activities, such as “green weeks” and research activities.


Piazza Toronto
86014 Guardiaregia (CB)

Phone: (+39) 338/3673035
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(The photos of the gallery are taken from the website of Guardiaregia-Campochiaro WWF Nature Reserve. From left: “Gole del Quirino in Autunno” by N. Merola; “Tre Frati” by A. Felice; “Mutria” by A. Felice. Cover photo by Simone Diniro. Source: Wikipedia)


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