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Saint Bernardo’s Fair – Macugnaga

3-4 July 2021, Walser community’s feast in Macugnaga at the foot of Monte Rosa.

San Bernardo feast in Macugnaga - Italy
03 Jul 2021 - 04 Jul 2021 Piemonte -Macugnaga  Children | Culture/History | Fairs/Food and Flea markets | Folklore/Traditions

The fair has been directly postponed to 2021
The first weekend of July, from Saturday, July 3rd to Sunday, July 4th 2021, Macugnaga, in the province of Verbania, takes place Saint Bernardo’s Fair enlivening for 3 days this mountain village at the foot of Monte Rosa.

Saint Bernardo’s Fair was commissioned by Walsers, a German minority who has inhabited the valley since middle age. The aim of the event is to preserve and pass on the Walsers’ culture and traditions.

During the fair, reaching this year its 34th edition, Macugnaga welcomes the Walser community with their colorful costumes and a lot of artisans with their pieces of work: stone carvings,  wrought iron, ceramics, woven baskets and many hand-decorated and carved objects.

In program also the 19th edition of Wood Carving Contest. On the first day, participants will be given a log of lime wood to carve under the eyes of curious visitors.
San Bernardo’s Fair is a traditional feast full of folklore and entertainment.

(photos from the official website)

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