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CastelBrando Museum – Cison di Valmarino

OPEN. Weapons, costumes, musical instruments and carriages in a castle in Veneto. All year long

All year long Veneto -Cison di Valmarino (TV)  Art/Culture | Children | Museums | Visits

2020Mandatory to arrive equipped with a SAFETY MASK

From Monday to Saturday, by reservation only
For reservations please send a mail >>>

On Sundays and holidays – opening hours and info for guided tours
From April to September: 10.30 am > 12.00 pm and 3 pm > 7 pm
From October to March: 2 pm > 6 pm
Guided tours for groups of few people on routes designed to allow interpersonal distancing
Along the way, stations for hand sanitation

WARNING – it is better to send a mail >>> to verify if in this month reservation is required

Every day for dinner
On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for both lunch and dinner
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CastelBrando is both a Museum and a Hotel representing a fascinating mix of periods and styles and one of the oldest and largest castles in Europe.

Inside the Roman fortress, there is CastelBrando Museum, a true story keeper enabling visitors to take a trip back in time, a journey through history that develops through the majestic entrance staircase, the noble rooms, the seventeenth-century halls and the “Hall of Emblems,” up until the terraces and gardens overlooking the enchanting Prosecco wine hills.

The museum is open all year round and is divided into 6 areas hosting pictorial and thematic exhibitions.

Outdoor areas, accessible to anyone:
Historical carriages – placed in the castle’s eighteenth-century cryptoporticus, are exposed carts and carriages built between the 18th and the 19th century. Among them, there is also an accurately reproduced Roman biga. The carriages tell the story and evolution of means of transport up until the invention of cars.

Inside the castle: 2 sections are open with free entry during the opening hours of La Fucina Pizzeria Restaurant and Ottone Wine Cellar.
Sounds of the past – history and evolution of musical instruments from ancient times to the Baroque period. Complete and semi-finished instruments are accompanied by pictures and descriptions.
Romana Claudia Augusta Road – iconographic path investigating the story of the ancient Claudia Augusta road, linking the Adriatic Sea to the Danube. The road was named after Emperor Claudius who completed it around 47AD.

The other 3 sections can be visited just by guided tours:
CastelBrando weapons – an exhibition of weapons and armors from the Roman Empire to the eighteenth century.
Power and justice – a tour of the Castle’s old prisons where visitors can feel in the different spaces the mood of a trial of the end of the 17th century.
The costumes of the powerful – in San Martino Church’s sacristy, it is possible to some of the most representative historical figures of the territory and of the castle are presented by multimedia effects: Emperor Claudius, who built Via Claudia Augusta, the Doge Marin Falier, Da Camino’s family… Through their costumes and their stories, visitors can recreate part of the Veneto history.

For these 3 sections, the castle offers two guided itineraries:
– Route A (1 hour): tour of the indoor and outdoor areas and of the castle and of the museum sections “CastelBrando in Arms” and “Power and Justice”, Cost: € 8.00 per person.
– Route B (1 hour and a half): tour of the indoor and outdoor areas of the castle and of 3 museum sections “CastelBrando in Arms”, “Power and Justice”, “The costumes of Power” in the Church of San Martino. Cost: € 10.00 per person.
Children under 5 for free, aged 6-11 50% discount


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