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Veneto – Events

Veneto is home to one of the most famous events in the world: the Venice Carnival, which annually attracts over 4 million visitors.

But Veneto is also rich in many other famous events like the International Film Festival (Venice), the Biennale Arte (from May to November in Venice),  the Game of Marostica chess (September), the Opera Festival in Verona (from June to September), the Campiello literary award.

Many festivals to historical or religious background, like the Festa della Sensa (in Venice in May) and the Feast of the Redeemer (in venice in July), the feast of Panevin (in whole region in January).
Very interesting is Tocatì, the International Festival of Street Games that enlivens the streets of Verona in September.

There are also many food events such as the Salted Codfish Festival in Sandrigo (Vicenza), Made in Malga in Asiago and the biggest Rice Fair in Isola della Scala (Verona).

Welcome to Veneto, the region of Venice and Verona, Lake Garda, the Dolomites, the sea of ​​Jesolo, baccalà and much more.