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Torcello Museum – Venice Lagoon

In Torcello island, archaeological finds and objects of Greek and Roman culture

Torcello Museum - Venice Lagoon Italy
All year long Veneto -Torcello (VE)  Art/Exhibitions/Museums | Culture/History

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Staggered access to ensure interpersonal distancing
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Torcello Museum - Venice LagoonTorcello Museum was founded in 1870 by Luigi Torelli, ex Prefect of Venice, to save the artistic heritage of Torcello from dispersion and to collect the finds discovered in the islands nearby and in the mainland. The Museum tells the history of an island that already from I century d.C. was surely a docking and trade point between the sea and inland, a sort of first seaport for the Roman city of Altino connected to the principal old directions for the conncections with the Northern and Eastern Europe: via Annia and via Claudia Augusta.

Torcello Museum is divided in two expositive sections: Archaeological, and Medieval and Modern. An itinerary that, starting from the finds that certify the intensity of trade which involved the lagoon and its inhabitants already in the Mycenean period (II millenium a.C.), includes Venetian, pre-Roman, Roman and Medieval proof and it comes across the glorious period of the Serenissima until 19th century.

The Archive Building and the archaeological section
The Archive Building has conserved for centuries the island’s archive which only in 1818 (the year of the Diocese suppression in Torcello) was transfered to the National Archive of Venice.
Museo di Torcello - Venezia
Nowadays the building hosts the archaeological section. The exposition is composed by the finds found in Torcello, lagoon and mainland near Altino and objects coming from other contexts, which are the outcome of purchases at the antique market and of donations.

The collection covers a wide cronological period traced by a rich overview of objects and works that embrace the Greek, Etruscan, Paleovenetian and Roman cultures, including the lagoon area in the history of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Council Building and the Medieval and Modern section 
The major council of Torcello used to reunite at the Council Building, originally a gothic style construction of 14th century, composed of 20-40 members (depending on the historical period) belonging to the nobilty of Torcello and registered in the Golden Book.
The Medieval and Modern Section display works and documents of the first centuries of the Christian era until 1800, which allow to retrace the history of Torcello island and its urban community, in its relationship with Altino, with the Bizantine and Medieval culture and with Venice city.

Opening hours of Torcello Museum
The museum is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday:
– 10.30–17.30 in summer (from March to October)
– 10.00-17.00 in winter (November-February).
In August 15th free entrance
Closing days: every Monday, November 21st and national holidays

€ 3,00 full ticket,
€ 1,50 reduced price (for groups of 10 persons, children from 6 to 12 yrs old)
Free entrance for students with teachers, for kids under 5 years old, UE citizens over 65 years old.
On Thursday free entrance for Venice residents.

Combined tickets
– Museum + Cathedral + Clock tower € 12,00, € 10,00 for groups
– Museum + Cathedral € 8,00, € 6,00 for groups

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How to reach Torcello island
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