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The Flying Eagle – Pollino National Park

From July to September, a flying adrenaline experience at 50 miles per hour

The flying Eagle - Basilicata
July - September Basilicata -San Costantino Albanese (PZ)  Children | Sport


From July to September, in Southern Italy – Basilicata region, the Flying Eagle is an experience full of adrenaline: almost one kilometer of flight at 50 miles per hour flying over a marvelous valley of the Pollino National Park.  It brings from the beginning point which is high 853 m. to the final station of 579 m, with a difference in height of 274 m.
Guaranteed fun and maximum security also for kids (at least 10 years old with a height of 130 cm)

The Flying Eagle starts from the station in the valley with the harness on the Eagle, a suggestive vehicle with 4 seats equipped with hand bars and footstool.
The Eagle is towed until the station uphill, from where the flight begins towards the valley, a real “Flying Eagle” of almost 1 km distance, the longest in the world of this kind of attraction.

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San Costantino Albanese is a municipality of Basilicata in the province of Potenza, located in a slope of Val Sarmento, in the heart of the Pollino National Park with a very particular naturalistic landscape.

It was founded in 1534 from the population coming from Albania and from the city of Corone (Greece). It was a migration due to the invasion of the Albanian territory by the Ottoman Empire.

The peculiarity of San Costantino Albanese inhabitants are, still today, the language arbëreshë, and the traditional customs and Byzantine rituals.


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