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Carnival in Castelvetere sul Calore

In February, parades, masques in the province of Avellno

Castelvetere Carnival
February Campania -Castelvetere sul Calore (Avellino)  Children | Folklore-Traditions-Carnivals


The Carnival in Castelvetere sul Calore (Avellino area) takes place in February with the “Children Carnival” and ending with the traditional reading of the will and the funeral of the dead Carnival,

The Carnival in Castelvetere sul Calore is a traditional celebration that dates back in 1683.
Originally it represented the rivalry between  the Castle and the Valley , which after the Second World War took the name of “Piazza” and “via Roma”.
The “Piazza” symbolizes the historic center of the town where families of Castelvetere lived for generations, while “Via Roma” is the name of the street that connects the different artisans areas, occupied by the families who migrated from the neighbouring villages.
During the Carnival, the two factions used to mock each other with wagons that represented in a funny way the most important characters of the opposing group.
In the 70’s the two factions united to create a unique Carnival group and the theme of the wagons focused on the satire and on the representation of the main Italian politicians.

The parade is composed by extraordinary paper-mâché of different themes. To enliven the parade of the floats there are folk music groups and masked groups dancing the typical tarantella of the country.

Photos: from the official site of the event

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