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Historical Regatta of the Maritime Republics – Genoa

In September a fascinating historical commemoration.

Regata storica Repubbliche Marinare
September Liguria -Genoa-Genova  Folklore-Traditions | Sport

The Historical Regatta of the Four Maritime Republics is one of the most famous and fascinating historical commemorations in Italy.

The historical event takes place in turn in the waters of one of the 4 ancient Maritime Republics: Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa, Venice. In 2021 it was held in Genoa.

Genoa (Genova) is going to host this year the 69th edition of the Historical Regatta In September 2024.

The challenge is among the 4 crews of 8 rowers and a helmsman pushing the Galleons, which are 11-meter boats decorated with the traditional colors of the four cities: blue for Amalfi, red for Pisa, white for Genoa, and green for Venice. The figurehead stands on the prow of the boats, as in medieval galleys.

This year there will be also a women’s regatta.

Cover photo: the flags of the 4 Maritime Republics.
Clockwise from the top left, the Venice, Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi emblems.