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Crastatone – Piancastagnaio

The scent of roasted chestnuts at Monte Amiata Chestnut Festival. 27 October-1 November.

27 Oct 2017 - 01 Nov 2017 Tuscany -Piancastagnaio (Siena)  Folklore | Food/Wine

CrastatoneCrastatone in Piancastagnaio (in the Province of Siena), now in its 51st edition, is one of the oldest and most important chestnut festivals in the Monte Amiata area.
From Friday, October 27th to Wednesday, November 1st (All Saints’ Day), the medieval village celebrates the end of the chestnut harvest season and the arrival of Winter with a festival full of events.
Visitors can enjoy art exhibitions, buy presents in the art & craft fairs or taste local delicacies in the restaurants of Piancastagnaio.

A truly magical atmosphere. Poet Eugenio Montale once described Piancastagnaio with the following words, “…shrouded by spirals of mist that from the valley climb up to the top of Mount Amiata… carrying a band of elves and the scent of fresh mushrooms… mixed with the smell of the chestnuts exploding in the fireplace…”

Chestnuts, which has been the only food source available to the inhabitants of Mount Amiata
up until World War II, is the star of the festival: crastate (roasted chestnuts), brodolose (boiled chestnuts with fennel), vecchierelle (dried chestnuts), suggioli (boiled chestnuts with peel), castagnaccio (chestnut flour cake), pulenna doicce (sweet polenta).
Open wine cellars, wine and food tastings, music, dancing, folk groups, market, and exhibitions liven up the streets of the small historic center of Piancastagnaio.

The name “Crastatone” comes from the verb “crastare” (in dialect), namely the action of making a slice across the top of a chestnut before roasting it.
The festival starts on Friday at 7 PM (open cellars and food stands) and ends on Wednesday, November 1st.

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