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Feast of San Cassiano and Badoche – La Salle

On August 13th La Salle (Aosta) celebrates in August its Patron Saint. Typical dance Badoche

Valle d'Aosta - la Badoche
13 Aug 2022 Valle D'Aosta -La Salle  Folklore-Traditions


On August 13th  La Salle (Aosta) traditionally celebrates its Patron Saint San Cassiano with In religious ceremonies and the folkloristic dance called Badoche

The dance “Badoche”  origin seems to date back to the initialize rituals of Celts. The main characters are unmarried young women and men, dressed traditionally. The first “Badocher”, leading the group, carries a dish adorned with flowers and ribbons, and a dessert or an apple in its center, to collect offers. Another “Badocher” carries the traditional halberd, a stick adorned with flowers and colored ribbons, a symbol of power.

Badoche brings happiness and the music of the accordions in every house announcing the start of the feast and collecting offers for it. During the Patron’s day, the “badochers” and the visitors dances according to the tradition in the main square. A pavilion hosts a restaurant (with typical regional dishes), and a dance hall.

Usually during the day before the patron saint day, the Badoche brings happiness and music by the accordions in all of the houses of the town announcing the beginning of the celebration ad collecting the offerings for it. In San Cassiano’s feast people, invited by the Badoche, celebrate with traditional dances at the main square according to a well-defined sequence. The patron feasts are then completed by the restaurant pavilion that offers typical plates of Valle d’Aosta tradition and a dance pavilion. 

Everybody dances the Badoche dance, even the Mayor!