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Valle D’Aosta – Events

Valle d’Aosta is an italian region very famous for its local products.

Valle d’Aosta is a region very proud of its local products.
Small food and wine festivals and fairs follow one another celebrating lard, raw ham, honey, fontina cheese and apples.

The Sant’Orso Fair is one of the most important craft fairs in the Alps and one of the oldest because it seems to date back to the 11th century.
During the days of the fair, in the streets of the historic center of Aosta over 1000 exhibitors present their traditional products, wooden work tools (rakes, ladders, barrels, cutlery, cutting boards, sabots, etc.), wooden and soapstone sculptures, bas-reliefs, wrought iron works and, of course, food and wine products.

In Fenis visitors can also visit the Castle, and there is also a Museum of traditional craftsmanship of the Aosta Valley.

The Forte di Bard is a barrier fortress open all year long to visits that often hosts art exhibitions.

Gamba Castle is a museum with over 150 works of modern art and a large park.

And perhaps not everyone knows that in Valle d’Aosta there is also the highest botanical garden in Europe>>>

Among the most curious events is the Arrancabirra, a goliardic race taking place in ealry October. It can be fun just to be there!

Welcome in the region of Aosta, Cervinia, Mont Blanc and Gran Paradiso National Park, fontina cheese, mocetta sausage and much more…

Her below the upcoming events. Some have passed and others are yet to be published.