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Shallot Festival – Riolo Terme

On July 22-23 and 29-30 2023 the Shallot festival, food, shows and music

22 Jul 2023 - 30 Jul 2023 Emilia-Romagna -Riolo Terme (Ravenna)  Feasts-Flea markets | Festival-Fairs | Food-Wine

On July 22-23 and 29-30, 2023 in Riolo Terme, a village on Ravenna hills it takes place the 31st edition of Romagna Shallot IGP Festival.

The Shallot is a plant of the Liliaceae family similar to the onion as it shares a similar usage but having a more delicate taste.
Today the shallot is often used by the chefs and by the “light” cuisine lovers.

In the countryside of Emilia Romagna, the people used to prepare shallots preserving them in oil, so that it was possible to eat them as a winter side plate with the boiled meat. The preparation occurred in the farmyard and it was a moment of reunion and celebration, with wine, donuts, and accordion!

For this traditional heritage nowadays the Shallots Festival is enriched with shows, music, and entertainment for the whole family.
The farmers that have the IGP certification can exhibit their products in the Shallot trade show, in the streets of the city center.
At Parco Pertini it is possible to taste different specialties shallots-based, such as risotto, tagliolini with Shallots, or roasted meat seasoned with shallot.
Every evening: music, shows and entertainment.

The municipality of Riolo Terme is famous for its thermal hot springs. From the springs sulfurous water gush, with bromine, iodine, chloride and sodium, that have therapeutic properties in healing the digestive system, asthma and respiratory tracts.

La Rocca di Riolo Terme
Riolo Terme Fortress

The most important monument in Riolo is the majestic Sforzesca Fortress, an old fortress in Senio Valley, built at the end of the XIV century as a defense point of Bologna. The fortress, until 1985 was only a municipality, today it hosts the Museum of Faenza’s Appenine landscape, beyond art exhibitions, music programs, movie projections and historical, cultural and food meetings.

From Riolo Terme you can also reach the Cave of King Tiberio, the most faous cave in the Park of Vena del Gesso Romagnola with acheological proof that it was used by human being for several years. The Cave is exclusively open with a guide tour.

For information
Associazione Turistica Pro Loco Riolo Terme
Tel. +39 0546.70101

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