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The Venice Carnival – STREAMING

February 6-16, 2021. STREAMING one of the most famous and fashionable Carnivals in the world

06 Feb 2021 - 16 Feb 2021 Veneto -Venice  Children | Festival | Folklore/Traditions

This year from February 6th to 7th and from February 11th to 16th, 2021  the Venice Carnival takes place ONLINE!>>>
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The center of the event is the famous Piazza San Marco, but during the Carnival the entire city becomes a great and colorful stage and public and private events are organized to recall thousands of people.

Venice CarnivalIn 1094 the Carnival was already cited in a document of the Doge, and in 1269 the Venetian Senate declared that the night of the Lent must be considered a feast day (Mardi Gras). During the Carnival period all of the Venetians, irrespective of their social status, dressed up and celebrated in the streets.
The Carnival was interrupted for a long time, during the French and the Austrian dominion, then it started again in 1979. Today it’s one of the most famous Carnival in the world.
The ceremony that starts Venice Carnival is the Flying Angel in which a girl hanging on steel roper flies from the bell tower of San Marco to the stage in the Square.
The origins of this event came from the history of the ancient Republic of Venice, since 1500 when a Turkish funambulist walked through a wire suspended between a boat docked at the San Marco’s pier Square and the bell tower of the Square.

The big event is inspired by the Venice of the 18th century with actors and masks that represent the ancient crafts’ activities. The smaller professions are projected on the screen.

But the Carnival of Venice is also a great celebration of fantasy and creativity: often who participates arrives in Venice and bring the costumes to enjoy Carnival and in the streets and squares, you can see different characters who wear precious and peculiar masks. An incredible spectacle that fills up the city.


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