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pistachos sicily

SLOW FOOD Presidia and ARK of TASTE products in Sicily

Dried fruit and fresh fruit, dairy and meat products…and much more.


Cuddrireddra di Delia
Manna delle Madonie

Fresh and dried fruit:
Scillato Apricot
Etna Heritage Apples
Sciacca and Ribera Wild Strawberry
Ciaculli Late-Winter Mandarino
Noto almond
Alcamo Purceddu Melon
Minuta Olive
Peach in a bag
Bronte green pistachio
Monreale White Plums

Cheeses and dairy products:
Piacentinu ennese
Nebrodi Provola
Madonie Provola
Belice ValleyVastedda

Polizzi Generosa Badda Bean
Scicli Cosaruciaru Bean
Modica Cottoia Broad Bean
Ustica Broad Bean
Leonforte Broad Bean
Ustica Lentil
Villalba Lentil

Nubia Red Garlic
Salina Caper
Menfi Spiny Artichoke
Aci trunzu Kohlrabi
Rosolini Greens
Giarratana Onion
Paglina Onion of Castrofilippo
Paceco Cartucciaru Melon
Polizzi Generosa Pepper
Bilìci Valley Siccagno Tomato

Bread and baked goods:
Castelvetrano black bread

Fish, sea food and fish products:
Lampedusa Salted Round Sardinella
Magghia Masculina

Breeds and animal husbandry:
Sicilian Black Bee
Ragusano Donkey
Girgentana Goat
Cinisara Cattle
Modicana Cattle
Nebrodi Black Pig

Trapani Sea Salt

Spices, wild herbs and condiments:
Ispica Sesame


Distilled and fermented beverages:
Spiritu de’ fascitrari

Cereals and flours:
Timilia Durum Wheat

Confections and honey:
Riesi Mastazzola
Gangi Taralla
Caltanissetta Torrone
Iblei Mountains Thyme honey

Fresh and dried fruit:
Ribera Vanilla Orange
Ragusa Carob
Maletto Strawberry
Messina Interdonato Lemon
Verdello Lemon
Cirino Apple
Cola Apple
Gelato Apple
Gelato Cola Apple
Bivona Peach
Tabacchiera dell’Etna Peach
Late-Harvest Leonforte Peaches
Pantelleria Zibibbo Grape

Cheeses and dairy products:
Cinisara Cow Caciocavallo
Sicilian Canestrato
Floresta Provola
Ricotta Infornata

Pantelleria Caper
Partanna Sweet Onion
Bilìci Valley Siccagno Tomato
Prickly Pear Sweet Wine

Bread and baked goods:
Lentini Cudduruni
Lentini traditional bread

Fish, sea food and fish products:
Lampedusa Salted Round Sardinella
Favignana Tuna Bottarga

Breeds and animal husbandry:
Pantelleria donkey
Etna silver goat
Belice sheep

Meat products:
Sant’Angelo di Brolo salami

Spices, wild herbs and condiments:
Ispica Sesame Seeds

Slow Food Presidia
The Slow Food Presidia are traditional products, activities, ways of producing typical of a territory. The Slow Food Presidia support small traditional productions and theirterritories, recover ancient crafts and processing techniques, save native varieties ofvegetables and fruit from extinction. Italian Slow Food Presidia are more than 270

Arca del Gusto
Arca del Gusto (Ark of Taste) is a Slow Food Foundation initiative. Its mission is to raise awareness of animals and products that belong to the culture, history and traditions ofhumanity, and to denounce the risk of their extinction due to the global erosion ofbiodiversity. The Ark of Taste products can be reported by anyone and in Italy they arealready more than 650