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The Lighting of the Fòcara – Novoli

January 16th – The biggest bonfire in the Mediterranean region is set on fire

Puglia - La Focara
16 Jan 2024 Puglia -Novoli (Lecce)  Children | Folklore-Traditions | Religious celebrations

Celebrations in honor of Sant’Antonio (Saint Anthony), Patron Saint of Novoli, are known as “days of fire” because – on January 16th – they culminate in the lighting of the Fòcara, the biggest bonfire in the Mediterranean region.
Its base is 20 meters in diameter and 25 meters high.

This is one of the most famous winter events in Puglia. Folklore and religion are blended together with music, art, shows and food.
Fòcara is built straight after the pruning. It is a very difficult task because the bonfire is made with over 80,000 vine branches.
The lighting of the bonfire and the firework display attract thousands of visitors every year.

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(Photos: © Fondazione Fòcara – Novoli – Ph, Paolo Simone)

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