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Puglia – Events

Perhaps the most famous and extraordinary event in Puglia is the Night of the Tarantula in August. It involves several municipalities in the province of Lecce. Every year it attracts almost 200 000 people coming for the last night to dance in the streets and squares until the next day.

Puglia is also a land of good food and many events are dedicated to inspired food specialties as: the Te la Uliata Feast in July in Caprarica of Lecce, Bacco delle gnostre in November in Noci, the Festival of Sceblasti (dough seasoned with olives and brine) in August in Zollino, the Octopus Festival in July in Mola di Bari or the Festival of Primitivo wine and Black chikpeas in November in Acquaviva delle Fonti.
In late May, for two days Cantine Aperte throughout Puglia.
Since 2009 the Red Bull Cliff Diving, an international diving competition, takes place in Polignano a Mare in September.

There are many events connected to religious feasts and historical traditions such as the Fòcara when every January 16th Novoli sets up the biggest bonfire of the Mediterranean region in honour of Sant’Antonio Abate, the Madonna of the Cultivation in May in Parabita, the Festa Maggiore in Terlizzi, celebrated every first Sunday of August in honor of Madonna Nera di Sovereto, the Palio in Taranto in May and the Historical Parade and Joust of Districts in August in Oria.

An interesting visit to the biggest caves in Italy, the Castellana Caves, open all year round. Throughout the year, the caves host Hell in the Cave, one of the greatest underground theatre shows in the world inspired by Dante’s Inferno.

Welcome to the region of the city of Bari, the baroque Lecce, Tremiti and Salento, of incredible Trulli, of delicious food and much more…