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Garibaldi Museums – Caprera

Open all year round. Dedicated to the protagonist of the Italian Risorgimento

Garibaldi Museums Caprera - Sardina - Italy
All year long Sardinia -Caprera Island (Olbia-Tempio)  Art-Culture-History | Children | Exhibits-Museums-Visits

The Garibaldi Museums are located on the island of Caprera, in the Maddalena archipelago, and include the Garibaldi Compendium and the Giuseppe Garibaldi Memorial.

The Compendium: Garibaldi’s house
The Garibaldi Compendium, opened to the public in 1976, is the most visited museum in Sardinia.
Immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation and surrounded by the sea of ​​Maddalena archipelago, it consists of a large courtyard and the buildings where the relics belonging to Giuseppe Garibaldi are kept. Here Garibaldi spent the last 25 years of his life, from 1856 to 1882, the year of his death.

A place of great historical interest. The Garibaldi Compendium is a place of great historical interest as it shows Giuseppe Garibaldi’s presence and activities. Caprera was the place where he stopped between one trip and another, where he started his own farm and where he prepared the great exploits that changed Italy. And here Garibaldi is buried in the small family cemetery.

The main building of the Compendium is the “White House”, a simple dwelling built in 1856 and consisting of 7 interconnected rooms: entrance hall, three bedrooms, study, dining room and kitchen, to which is added the “death room ”, where Garibaldi received relatives and friends. The terrace overlooking the entire archipelago is breathtaking.
The other buildings making up the farm also overlook the courtyard: the wooden house, the iron house, the oil mill, the oven, the stable and the mill. The iron house hosts the private library of the general and his family.
At the center of the farm is the family cemetery, with the granite tomb that hosts Garibaldi’s body and the graves of his third wife, Francesca Armosino, and his children Manlio, Clelia, Rosa, Anita and Teresita.

The visit is a whole immersion into the intimate life of one of the most famous characters of the Italian Risorgimento, where visitors can admire relics related to his life as a fighter, private memories, objects that belonged to him and his family, the original furnishings telling his daily life, his last wife Francesca Armosino and their two children, Clelia, who lived here until 1959, year of her death – and Manlio.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Memorial
A few kilometers away from the Compendium is located Forte Arbuticci, a fortress built in 1895 in one of the highest and most panoramic areas of Caprera. In 2012 it became Giuseppe Garibaldi Memorial, the first museum in Italy entirely dedicated to a historical figure. Through engaging multimedia installations, the Memorial offers a virtual journey into the life and business of the General.

The fortress has 4 bodies further divided into 13 sections, each dedicated to a significant period or recurrent theme in Giuseppe Garibaldi.’s life.

Over 200 pieces make up the archive of works and documents tracing Garibaldi’s life, his exploits and his travels. Most of the documents come from the collection belonging to Mario Birardi, a great Garibaldi collector. who was from La Madddalena, and some documents come from the historical archive of the Municipality of La Maddalena.

Outside, visitors can enjoy a wonderful view of the archipelago and the Corsican coasts, and take a break in Piazza Italia, a creation between sculpture and mosaic as a tribute to Italy and Garibaldi.

Closed on Monday
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To visit the Compendium, a reservation is required
phone  +39 335 750 5401 (Monday to Saturday dalle  form 8:30 am to 7:00 pm)
Entrance with a fee
Free admission for under 18

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