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Saint Rainerius’s Luminara – Pisa

June 2022. The whole city illuminated by 100.000 small lamps. Fireworks

San Rainerius's Feast Pisa, Tuscany, Italy

Luminara di San Ranieri a Pisa - Toscana

Saint Raineri’s Luminara and Palio is a city feast taking place every year from June 16 at night until June 17, the day of Saint Rainerius’s Feast, the patron saint of the city of Pisa,

The ancient tradition traces back to March 25, 1688, when Cosmo III de Medici decided to put Rainerius Scaccieri’s urn, passed away in 1160, in the chapel of the Dome of Pisa.
The event was turned into a celebration and the whole city was illuminated by 100.000 small lamps (lampanini) put on wood frames called linen (biancheria) all around the buildings, churches and towers along the Lungarno and in Pisa. The atmosphere is fascinating and unusual.
This kind of illumination was actually a town tradition already during the fifteenth century.
Around 11:30 pm, the event ends with a firework display.

On June 17, on Saint Rainerius’s day, takes place the Palio, dating back to 1164. The Palio is a row competition in the Arno river where four crews representing the four historical districts of Pisa (San Francesco, San Martino, Santa Maria, Sant’Antonio) challenge one another. The competition is preceded by a historical parade along Lungarno.

(photos: Wikipedia and the official website)

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