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Historical Carnival – the Battle of Orange – Ivrea

From February 28th to March 5th one of the most famous Carnival in Italy

28 Feb 2019 - 05 Mar 2019 Piemonte -Ivrea (TO)  Carnival | Children | Folklore

The Historical Carnival in Ivrea including The Battle of Oranges is recognized as an “Italian event of international importance”. It is the commemoration of the populace revolt against the Baron of the place who reduced to hungry the city. The cause of the revolt was the refusal of a miller’s daughter to respect the jus primae noctis.
This Historical Carnival in Ivrea is also so famous because of the “Battle of Oranges” taking place on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday afternoon.

The main character of the Carnival is the heroine, the Miller.
But many other characters and rituals are put on stage.

On Thursday (February 28) the Mayor of the city delivers his command power to the General who arrives in the City Hall with the Ensigns, Pifferi and Drums, and all of his General Staff (Napoleonic period), composed by officials by horse, who since 1800 have the task to assure the execution of the celebration.
Other historical characters are the Sostituto Gran Cancelliere, the Podestà (guarantor of the citizens’ freedom), the Vivandiere, the Corteo with the Districts’ Flags.

The same day citizens and visitors are invited to wear the Berretto Frigio, a red hat with a sock shape that symbolizes the participation to the revolt and that avoids to be the target of the Oranges Battle that occurs on Sunday.

On Friday March 1st, torchlight procession and “CarnevalGustando”, itinerant dinner in the city.
On Saturday 2nd, presentation of the Miller’s escort to the General and then there are the children’s celebration, the celebration of the different teams of Aranceri (people who throw oranges) through the streets, presentation of the charming miller to the city, historical parade of the Aranceri teams.
Sunday 3rd, the Miller and the General go around and visit the city. In the afternoon the first Battle of Oranges with a jury observing teams in order to decide, the last day, who is the winner,
Monday 4th, the “Pich e Pala Trophy”. One man for team deal with the long shot of the orange towards the city Hall. In the afternoon the second Battle of Oranges,
Tuesday 5th, on Mardi Gras, there are the framing of the wagons where to throw and Oranges Battles in the city streets.

The program of the Historical Carnival in Ivrea is very rich of events, parades, music, customs rituals. Click on the link you’ll find at the end of the picture gallery to see the program in detail.

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