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Sardinia Costume Museum – Nuoro

The most important Ethnographic Museum of Sardinia. Costumes, objects, traditions…

Costume Museum - Sardinia - Italy

Those who love the traditions and traditions of Sardinia should pay a visit to Nuoro Costume Museum, open all year long, to enjoy an amazing and fascinating experience.

What is it?
The Costume Museum (originally the Museum of Sardinian Life and Popular Traditions) is the most important Ethnographic Museum in Sardinia so that it appears in the most famous international tourist guides and in all the cultural itineraries of Nuoro and Barbagia.
It overall narrates the story of the traditional life of Sardinia through over 5000 objects, from work to celebration, from lifestyle to clothing, from food to religiousness.

Domestic activities, bread making, and textiles
Costume Museum - Sardinia - ItalyLife in Sardinia is narrated into 10 thematic rooms containing also dioramas with the reconstruction of symbolic scenes with life-size mannequins and work tools.

The importance of domestic activities related to milling and bread making is well represented by a whole room in which over 300 traditional kinds of bread are exposed.

Another room is dedicated to weaving with traditional weaving tools, materials and objects.

Customs and religion
Costume Museum - Sardinia - ItalyAn extraordinary collection of 54 traditional Sardinian costumes and clothes are exposed on life-size male and female mannequins evoking the atmosphere of a procession.

The reconstruction of a “cumbessia” (hut or loggia surrounding almost all the rural sanctuaries of Sardinia) and the Great Country Festival are used to introduce the tradition of rural sanctuaries that have been very important in the Sardinian history and relationships.

An exhibition of over 450 jewels and amulets surrounding sacred images, furnishings and liturgical objects offers a plastic testimony of rituality and devotion in rural sanctuaries in central Sardinia.

The carnival
Barbagia Carnival is a real masterpiece, with mannequins wearing typical and exclusive clothes of inner Sardinia, still much alive and loyal to its traditions.
Mannequins in carnival clothes help visitors feel like in a real carnival parade.
The Sardinian masks: Thurpos & Eritaju from Orotelli, Boes, Merdules and Filonzana from Ottana, Mamuthones and Issohadores from Mamoiada and Bundu from Orani. These hideous wooden face masks, cowbells and sheepskin are true examples of the old traditional events of Mediterranean people.

Musical instruments
Over 60 instruments of Sardinian folk music are exhibited, along with various sound devices and toys. A multimedia device allows visitors to hear the sound and observe how to play the various instruments, nowadays still part of the culture, life and traditional festivals of Sardinia.

An exciting discovery
The Museum, even if its name can discourage, introduces the visitor to a magical and ancient world that captivates, amazes and welcomes everyone. A golden chance.

For the opening hours and tickets check the website>>>
Combined ticket for the Custom Museum and the Museum – Casa Deledda
– Free for all visitors every first Sunday of the month
– Free for professional guides accompanying organized groups
– Free for students and teachers on an educational visit

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