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Musem of Painted Eggs (Ovo Pinto) – Civitella del Lago

Thousands of painted eggs, from the tiniest to the biggest eggs from an ostrich.

Painted Eggs Museum - Umbria, Italy
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Civitella del Lago is a small medieval village in the Umbria region, in the province of Terni, only 20 km away from the cities of Todi and Orvieto.
This small village hosts a very interesting museum: the Museum of Painted eggs (Ovo Pinto) where are exposed thousands of painted and carved eggs of all animal species, from the tiny Zebra finch eggs (similar to those of a canary) to the big ones from an ostrich.

The museum was established in 1982, after an art competition, as a way to cherish the eggs painted by the participants.
Since then, the competition is held every year by Ovo Pinto Association, also in charge of the museum.
The competition is open to everyone: several artists, beginner painters and students test their skills and year by year enrich the museum collection with new works.
Painted eggs need to be turned in by Holy Wednesday and are exposed for 15 days before the announcement of the winner.

The one-of-a-kinds Museum and the Competition are extremely interesting for the variety of eggs that can be admired but also because they add value and revive an Ancient Easter tradition in a new, creative and original way. In the past, hard-boiled eggs were dyed with natural ingredients so that shells would assume a particularly vibrant colour. Then, during the Holy Mass, the parish blessed them, ready to be eaten at Easter for breakfast.

The Ovo Pinto Museum should be open every day from 5:00 pm to 18:pm but it is better to check the website>>> and the facebook page>>> for being updated.
For booking, please call +39 340 8995074 – +39 331 1098798 – +39 340 6517082
or send a mail >>>

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