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Isole che Parlano Festival – Palau

September 7-13. International Festival combining contemporary culture with Sardinian tradition

Isole che Parlano - Speaking Islands in Palau Sardinia Italy
07 Sep 2020 - 13 Sep 2020 Sardinia -Palau (Sassari)  Festival | Music/Theatre

Isole che Parlano (Speaking Islands), celebrating its 23rd anniversary in 2019, is an international festival that combines contemporary culture and avant-garde movements with traditional Sardinian culture.

From September 7th to September 13th, 2020, music, theatre, visual arts: a program full of original events, concerts, meetings, workshops for children and important photo exhibitions.

The concerts and the events take place in different archaeological sites (holy wells, tombs of the giants), natural and cultural areas (country churches, Punta Palau lighthouse, etc.), natural monuments (Roccia dell’Orso), and at the beaches (Cala Martinella), squares and on Spargi Island in Cala Corsara.

The festival reunites culture, environment, archaeology and it proposes a cultural event with a social model based on meeting, diversity, tollerance and it gives value the social function of making arts.

Born in 1996, Isole che Parlano festival is created and directed by Associazione Sarditudine. The goal of the association is to spread traditional Sardinian culture and values in a creative way, mixing them with contemporary culture in order to promote a sense of solidarity, tolerance and community and to emphasize the social role of art.

(Photos by Gianni Petta, taken from the website of the event – 2015 and 2016 editions / Cover photo: Tenores alla Roccia dell’Orso)

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