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Egg Festival and Palio – Tredozio

March 31st-April 1st, 2024. On Easter and Easter Monday with contests and egg hunt

Egg Festival and Palio - Tredozio - Emilia Romagna
31 Mar 2024 - 01 Apr 2024 Emilia-Romagna -Tredozio (Forlì Cesena)  Children | Feasts-Flea markets | Folklore-Traditions | Religious celebrations

On March Sunday 31st and April Monday 1th, 2024 – Easter and Easter Monday – in Tredozio, a small village in the province of Forlì-Cesena, takes place the 58th edition of the Egg Festival and Palio, with games, food tastings, exhibitions …

The Egg Festival and Palio start after the Easter Sunday Mass, with a rich program:
the Sfogline Competition: the best pastry rolled out with a rolling pin after having made the dough with the eggs
the National Championship of hard-boiled egg eaters. Some reached the record by eating 22 eggs!
the Beating of the Boiled Eggs when the participants are given a boiled egg with which they try to bruise the challenger’s egg
the female egg Palio with the Egg Hunting Competition: search for 200 hard-boiled eggs in a large haystack and the cheek-cheek egg competition. At the end of the evening awards and celebrations.

On Easter Monday the program continues with:
the Parade in Medieval Costumes of the 4 neighborhood groups with their allegorical floats.
the Egg Palio. The challenge consists of 4 races, the battle of the raw eggs in which 600 eggs are launched for each round, the launch of raw eggs towards a maxi target with the opposing team trying to stop it with a shovel of wood. the search for the egg in the haystack and the tug of war on the river’s shores with the opposing teams located on the opposite banks.

The two days are enlivened by gastronomy stands and it is possible to taste typical dishes of Romagna in the local restaurants and agritourism: cappelletti, tortellini, lasagne…

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