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Uncovering the floor of the Siena Cathedral – Siena

27 June-18 October 2022 Siena Cathedral uncovers its magnificent marble floor

Uncovering the floor of the Siena Cathedral - Tuscany - Italy
27 Jun 2022 - 18 Oct 2022 Tuscany -Siena  Art-Culture-History | Exhibits-Museums-Visits

The most beautiful … great and magnificent … that has ever been made“. This is how the Italian painter Giorgio Vasari defined the floor of the Siena Cathedral in 1500.

As in Heaven so on Earth. The floor of the Siena Cathedral comes back to light for an extraordinary uncovering from June 27th to July 31st and from August 18th to October 18th 2022 (with a break from August 1st to 17th) and offers the chance to get to know and admire the fifty-six inlays that compose it, made by important artists, almost all from Siena.

The polychrome marble floor is extraordinary not only for the technique used, but also for the message of the figurations that are a constant invitation to wisdom.
In the naves visitors can see ancient protagonists, disheveled sibyls and authoritative philosophers, while biblical subjects are depicted under the dome, in the presbytery and in the transept.

The floor is the result of a complex program of over 50 scenes and figures created over the centuries, from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century.
The preparatory cardboards were drawn by artists, almost all from Siena, including Sassetta, Domenico di Bartolo, Matteo di Giovanni, Domenico Beccafumi, as well as by the Umbrian painter Pinturicchio, author of the famous panel with the Monte della Sapienza, a symbolic representation of the Virtue as the attainment of inner serenity, “a safe way through the waves” (Wis. 14,3).

The path is coherent and fascinating, with the three naves telling the themes of classical and pagan antiquity, while in the transept and in the choir visitors can admire scenes from Jewish history, from the salvation accomplished and achieved by Christ, always the protagonist. but never represented in the graffiti on the floor.

Visitors can admire the floor in compliance with safety protocols. The services offered include guided tours in various languages.

The uncovering of the floor in 2022 can be visited from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm and Sunday from 9.30am to 6pm.

Opening hours – During the uncovering of the floor in 2022, visitors can enter from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm and Sunday from 9.30am to 6pm, last entrance half an hour before closing time. Times may vary in conjunction with religious celebrations.

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